Sunday, 03.07.2022.
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Examination for public procurement officers


We hereby inform all interested parties that the Public Procurement Office is launching the examinations for public procurement officers, pursuant to the Public Procurement Law (The RS Official Gazette no. 91/19, hereinafter: the Law).

All persons complying with the requirements for the status of candidates for examination referred to by the provisions of the Rulebook on the Procedure and Requirements for Acquisition of the Public Procurement Officer Certificate and on Keeping the Register of Public Procurement Officers (the RS Official Gazette, no. 93/20, hereinafter: the Rulebook), who have applied in the previous period, shall take the exam in the first round of timing scheduled for March this year, whereof they shall be informed by the Public Procurement Office.

Any other persons may submit their applications for taking the exam to: .  Along with completed application form, it is necessary to submit evidence in manner specified in the application form downloadable here.

The candidates eligible by the requirements from the Rulebook shall be informed of the date and time of the exam with a written decision no later than 15 days prior to the examination.

Every candidate shall bring their ID or another identification document to the exam, in order to ascertain the identity of the candidates, while the candidates who have submitted their application with evidence of completed higher education shall bring a certified copy of their degree certificate for the Public Procurement Office to keep.

We remind that the Public Procurement Office has prepared a Manual for Preparation for the Public Procurement Officer Examination in keeping with the provisions of the Law and by-laws emanating from the Law, published on the Office’s web page.