Friday, 01.03.2024.
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Learning public procurement platform available to contracting authorities and bidders


Organised by NALED and supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), a learning platform for public procurement has been developed and is now available free of charge, to all interested persons, at:, as well by clicking on the banner published on the Public Procurement Office’s web page.

The platform is intended for both beginners in public procurement who wish to learn more about the subject and to persons who have already acquired the basic knowledge, but want to check and improve it.

Through the platform, users can get to know the details of procurement procedure, from surveying and planning phase, via conducting public procurement procedure, all the way to contract award and conclusion.

The contents of the platform are designed in such a way that explains the area of public procurement in a way that is clear and practical for users, at the same time being a significant tool for acquiring and improving the knowledge of the subject matter. Besides the primary and secondary legislation, the platform also includes:

  • The Public Procurement Office’s opinions on specific legal provisions;
  • Examples enabling users to better understand specific legal provisions;
  • Links to guidelines, handbooks, instructions, models of legal acts, etc.

The contents on the platform are divided in nine thematic modules, while each model contains narrowly specific sub-areas related to the selected module, which facilitates access and learning for users.

Within every module, knowledge verification is prepared in form of a test. Having completed the test, users will find the test results available, with an overview of correct and wrong answers, with an option to redo the test.

The contents available on the platform are subject to updating when needed, so the latest updates on public procurement will always be available to users.